A Girl’s Best Friend (Part 5: The Finale)

In Part 4 Gwen disappeared. Did Eve kidnap her, or take back her rightful daughter? Enjoy! Eve looked in the rear-view mirror just before the first turn toward the neighborhood exit. All she saw was manicured lawns and light posts. “Woooohoooo!” Gwen screamed from the passenger seat with her head out the window. The seat […]

A Girl’s Best Friend (Part 4)

In Part 3 we found out the girl in the polka dot suit may not be Ellie after all. Will Eve continue looking for her daughter? Enjoy! “No, it was her, I saw her. I saw the moles on her back. They make a diamond.” Eve suddenly realized she was loud enough to hear her vice against the bare […]

A Girl’s Best Friend (Part 3)

We’re continuing with Eve’s story after she may have seen her kidnapped child. Click here to read Part 2. Enjoy! The blood left Eve’s face as she felt a chill and teetered on the edge of fainting. She couldn’t faint here, not in front of everyone. She took a few deep breaths and grabbed the […]

A Girl’s Best Friend (Part 2)

We’re continuing with Eve’s story after she discovered her baby was gone. Click here to read Part 1. Again, any feedback is welcomed. Enjoy! Eve heard a horrified scream and realized it was her own. The cool shot of adrenaline pumped her heart and throbbed in her hands. She wanted to puke, frantically looking on […]

A Girl’s Best Friend (Part 1)

I took the last few months to write a short story (about 30 pages in paperback).  I’m sharing the intro with you and I hope you enjoy it. I’m still getting a handle on writing fiction and it would mean a great deal to me to have any feedback you’re willing to give–good, bad, or indifferent–as long as […]