The Moment I Almost Missed

Last Saturday I took Claire to gymnastics. Day after day she’s cartwheeling and round-offing all over our living room. There’ve been enough heels and elbows thrown around here that an open space is a welcomed sight. Claire and I click. We spend time together without saying much, and we love it. She’s a quiet force […]

Introducing Minimalism to Our Kids

Being a minimalist and having four kids can be…difficult. Our kids are eight, six, six, and two-years-old, so the older kids have gone from having “family toys” everyone shares to having toys and possessions that are distinctly their own. It’s at this point that I can’t, in good conscience, just get rid of things I […]

Dear Grandparents

I’ve never addressed grandparents of adopted grandchildren before, and really it’s overdue. This is going to be fun for me because parent to parent conversations are always fun, especially across generations. (Disclaimer: please don’t assume this is about my parents or Jolene’s parents–this is written based on numerous stories of adoptive families we’ve known over […]