I never know how to start a post after being gone for a while. I could talk about how busy we’ve been with the adoption etc. but who cares, right? So let’s just jump in because a lot has happened in our family, and we’re changing more than our numbers. First, we brought our little […]

Dear Grandparents

I’ve never addressed grandparents of adopted grandchildren before, and really it’s overdue. This is going to be fun for me because parent to parent conversations are always fun, especially across generations. (Disclaimer: please don’t assume this is about my parents or Jolene’s parents–this is written based on numerous stories of adoptive families we’ve known over […]

Joking About Adoption

A few days ago I was joking around with a guy I know when the conversation took a turn–he referenced adoption in an interesting way. It went something like this: his son did a bad thing and then, “I should’ve told him he was adopted.” I hear about this within biological families occasionally. A big […]

A First For This Shrock Family

I’m slowly developing the skill of recognizing when I’m in over my head. It takes both humility and a grasp of what’s at stake (read: you get yourself in trouble enough times that you start to realize your limitations). Recently, one of our kids has been struggling with an unhealthy fear for our well-being. I […]