Thicker Than Blood (Part 4)

The lights came on at 4:00am and showers were announced. Cheri rolled over and pulled the sheet over her head for relief. “Come on inmates, up and at ‘em.” Officer Richards was great at announcing showers. His voice carried the entire hall with ease. Crystal smirked at the newbie. Prison had made her a morning […]

Thicker Than Blood (Part 3)

Twenty-seven hours. That’s how long it was going to take Heather to drive to Prescott, Arizona. A flight would only be roughly nine hours total travel time. But the thought of being thousands of feet above the earth in a tight metal tube, that was out of the question. Kyle had to stay behind to […]

Thicker Than Blood (Part 2)

Heather snapped awake to the sound of crying over the baby monitor on the nightstand. She turned it down and quickly made her way to the baby’s room to find her little girl wailing. She scooped her up and began soothing her as she backed into the rocking chair in the corner. Undoing her pajamas, […]

Thicker Than Blood (Part 1)

Heather’s eyes darted to the pregnancy test perched on the white vanity, her hands glued to her mouth, chipping away at what was left of her stubby fing ernails. Sitting on the covered toilet, her knees bounced to soothe her anxiety. Still nothing. Kyle visibly winced with each chomp of her nails. He leaned in […]

Peter the Pine Tree

The crack of the Southern Yellow Pine’s trunk echoed off the cliffs. Peter the Pine Tree hadn’t fallen this far since he was a pine cone, and just like that day so many years ago, he couldn’t wait for what happened next. Peter wasn’t a normal pine tree. He didn’t want to stay planted in […]